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Saint Ioannikios the Great of Olympus as a Model for our Lives, by Protopresbyter Fr. George Papavarnavas

Eastern Orthodox Logos

Saint Ioannikios the Great of Olympus as a Model for our LivesThe venerable Ioannikios was born in Bithynia in 740 AD by pious parents, Myritriki and Anastaso, who raised him “in the education and admonition of the Lord”. He was enlisted into the army during the struggle of the Iconoclasts against the sacred icons and drifted into the delusion of iconoclasm. When, however, he was dismissed from the ranks of the army he realized his error, repented sincerely, and even became a fervent preacher and confessor of the Orthodox Faith.

The venerable Ioannikios refused earthly glory, which he could have enjoyed, and dedicated himself to God. He became a monk at Olympus and by the Grace of God and his personal struggle “he shined on the earth as a sanctified star”, as the sacred Hymnographer chants, who also likens him with the Prophet Moses the God-seer, because he was made worthy, like him, to hear the voice of God and talk…

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