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Miracles of the Mother of God. Syria

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133905.pThe Protection of the Mother of God.

When Christians are in need of quick and sure help, they have recourse to the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, who has saved people in Orthodox countries so many times that an entire history book could be compiled to describe them all. Many times the Theotokos has saved the Orthodox from attacks also by people from the Moslem East; not because she could ever be against anyone–for Moslems all also people created by God–but because Orthodox Christians have a special love for her, as for their own Mother, and she does not neglect her own.

In these terrible times, we must not forget to pray to the Theotokos with tears for the people of Syria, just as Orthodox Christians before us prayed in times of danger.

One example of this was celebrated last Sunday (September 1)–the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God…

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