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Quality of Life – Abortion, by Fr. Lawrence Barriger

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Fr. Lawrence BarrigerQuality of Life

One of the most pressing social issues facing Orthodox Christians today is abortion: the destruction of the unborn fetus.  The Church has always condemned the practice of abortion, regarding it as the moral equivalent of murder. This condemnation is not a “new” position that the Church has formulated to deal with the modern widespread practice of abortion. Actually, the practice of abortion, like murder and adultery, is as old as fallen human existence. The only difference is that modern technology and the refusal of the American Supreme Court to afford the unborn the sanctions of the Constitution have made abortion a practical alternative to pregnancy.

There may be extreme cases when abortion might be considered as the lesser of two evils, such as the endangerment of the life of a mother. But the vast majority of abortions are performed as an alternative form of birth control. It…

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