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”What is Truth?”, by Fr. Michael Ellis

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Fr. Michael EllisWhat is Truth?

There seems to be a popular movement these days within higher learning in regards to the proper definition and understanding of the word truth.  Through the re-definition of this single word, virtually every single problem of church unity, right worship, faith, morality, decline of the home, abortion, you name it, can be traced.  Postmodern secularists, as you know, now run rampant, not only in our universities, but also in our public as well as private elementary, junior, and senior high schools.  They label their views tolerant, insightful, and in many cases, elite.  However, they are, quite honestly, none of these things.  They do not believe in truth because in a culture where all views are equal and none are wrong, then all things and ideas must be merely relative so as not to offend those who disagree.  Truth becomes, in their view, only a construct or a…

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