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Saints and Feasts: Saint Paisius of Uglich

Saint Paisius of Uglich was igumen of the Protection monastery, near Uglich. He was born in the Tver district near the city of Kashin, and he was a nephew of St Macarius of Kalyazin (March 17).

St Paisius entered his uncle’s monastery after the death of his parents, when he was just an eleven-year-old child. Under his uncle’s guidance, St Paisius led a monastic life of obedience, fasting and prayer, and he was put to work copying soul-saving books.

“A man wondrous of spirit, famed teacher of holiness and most astounding wonderworker, he founded (in 1464) the cenobitic Protection monastery three versts from Uglich at the wish of Prince Andrew, and he was chosen igumen.” St Paisius was also “founder and organizer of the holy Nikolsky Grekhozaruchnya monastery in 1489.

Struggling at the Protection monastery, St Paisius lived into old age and died on June 6, 1504. His relics, glorified by miracles, rest beneath a crypt in the Protection monastery.


One comment on “Saints and Feasts: Saint Paisius of Uglich

  1. orthodoxchristian2
    January 8, 2014

    What a holy saint! He makes me proud to be Russian, as well as Russian Orthodox. What a wonderous faith we have! God has truly blessed us with His love and kindness. I love Him more than anything in the World.

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