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New AFR Podcasts: Hasta la Gloria, and Sowing Seeds

December 19, 2013

Ancient Faith Radio (AFR) recently introduced several new podcasts. A Spanish-language podcast features homilies by Fr. Nicholas Andruchow, the priest of the only Orthodox orphanage in North America. Every Sunday Fr. Nicholas offers the homily at the St. Innocent Orphanag for boys. This is the opportunity to reflect on the Gospel from the point of view of Orthodox Christianity in Latin America,” notes the AFR Website about Hasta la Gloria. “Through God’s grace this will help you ascend to the heavens.”

Another new podcast was launched in cooperation with Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF). Titled Sowing Seeds: Building Orthodox Campus Ministry, the episodes promise to help listeners “learn about the leadership, vision, and direction of the OCF with Executive Director Jennifer Nahas and AFR host John Maddex.”

Other notable recent podcasts include:

Antiochian pastor Fr. Andrew Damick of St. Paul Orthodox Christian Church of Emmaus, Pennsylvania, sharing some reflections on his ownguidelines for using social media.

Another Antiochian priest, Fr. John Oliver of St. Elizabeth’s Orthodox Christian Church in Murfreesboro, TN, offered a talk at a symposium titled“God’s Books: Reading Scripture in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam,” which was held at the Murfreesboro Mosque in November.

The Center for Family Care of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America sponsored the 2013 Family Ministry Conference, which focused on rooting and grounding our families in Christ and His Church. Listen to this Ancient Faith Special.



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