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(Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America) Department of Conventions and Conference Planning Meets

On November 16, 2013, the Department of Convention and Conference Planning (DCCP) held its department meeting in Oakbrook, IL. The meeting was attended by the department co-chairs, representatives from Antiochian Events (Online Registration), the Diocese Conference Coordinators, the Department of Youth Chair, and the NAC Fellowship of St. John the Divine President.

During the meeting a presentation was made by Marriott International to discuss ways the hotel chain can best work with the department and it’s Coordinators in order to receive the best possible prices for conferences and conventions. Other items on the agenda were a review of the new Conference Planning Manual, and presentations by each Diocese Conference Coordinator, as well as discussions with the Department of Youth and the NAC Fellowship on finding ways to increase attendance at Antiochian Archdiocese conferences and conventions.

After a long and productive meeting day, all were invited to dinner at the home of Raed and Reem Sweiss (Co-Chair of the Department of Convention and Conference Planning), and some extended their stay to attend Sunday Liturgy at St. George Church in Cicero, IL.



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