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Calling All Youth: Participate in the YouTube Challenge!

Fr. Anthony Yagze, Chair of the Departments of College Ministry, and Camping, encourages all youth in the Antiochian Archdiocese to participate in the YouTube challenge.  “It’s an interesting opportunity for young people!” he notes.

Welcome to the 2013 Orthodox Church in America (OCA) YouTube Challenge!

The Challenge

Youth and Young Adult (Ages 14-28) should respond with an original video by midnight on November 15, 2013, to the following question: “What is the Gospel?” Participants may wish to reflect on:

  • The essential message of Jesus Christ
  • What his actions and words tell us about humanity and divinity
  • How the Gospel message can be preached in your particular environment (school, work, family, etc..)

Participants may wish to use their video to deliver a traditional speech, or find ways of more creatively answering the challenge through visual imagery and poetic license.

What you need to know

  • While we encourage consultation with clergy and lay leaders (and can help facilitate it if need be) the submission must be the sole, creative work of the individual.
  • Submissions must be electronic, either by submitting a video file or a link to a YouTube video. If using YouTube, you must abide by their code of conduct and rules. We suggest you keep the video private and disable comments.
  • Submissions are due by November 15th at midnight and must be submitted via email to yyacm@oca.org.
  • Please indicate your desire to participate by October 20th by emailing (or having your parent/guardian email) Andrew Boyd, Youth Director, ataboyd@oca.org. He will contact you with more information and specifics.
  • Those under the age of 18 must secure parental permission to participate. Please email Andrew Boyd at aboyd@oca.org for more details.
  • The highest scoring individual submission overall will be offered an all expenses paid trip to the National Festival of Young Preachers in January 2014, along with help, guidance, and coaching for that festival.
  • The second-highest and third-highest scores will be offered packages of books from Saint Vladimir’s Seminary Press.
  • Video submissions should be 6-10 minutes in length.
  • This challenge is open to all Orthodox Christians in North America.

Visit the YouTube Challenge page for more information.



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