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Attica Russians Preparing to Welcome Patriarch Kirill


Russians living in Greece along with the Russian-speaking Greeks who were repatriated, are feverishly preparing for the arrival of Patriarch Kirill.

“It’s been more than 30 years since the last time the Patriarch of Russia officially visited Greece and they feel great pleasure to be given the chance to get the blessings of our father,” said Grigory Pigkalov, priest of the Russian-speaking church Panagia Sumela at Ilion.

“There comes the spiritual father of the Russian people, here in Greece, and the world has been anxiously awaiting for him. They will come to the church, they will get his blessing. There is great joy. Everyone, young and old, will gather in the square to welcome the Patriarch. ”

The preparations in the Church have been running for days now. The Russians will welcome their spiritual father, with state honors.

Father Grigory is in charge of the preparations: “We are preparing a great reception. We will welcome him as head of state. Pontic clubs are also invited because Panagia Sumela is by the side of the Pontics.”

Russian speaking newspapers have already published tributes on the arrival of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

Great interest has also been shown in the holy relics to be offered by Patriarch Kirill to Panagia Sumela, explained Theodoros Ignatiadis, editor of the weekly newspaper MK Athens Courier.


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